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Hello! I'm an associate professor of Mathematics and Computer Science in the Center for Data, Mathematical, and Computational Sciences at Goucher College in the big city of Baltimore, MD. Before arriving here, I taught at Westminster College in the small town of New Wilmington, PA. I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science in 1993 from Penn State and have been here at Goucher since September, 1997. Prior to my graduate work, I was an engineer for Burroughs Corp. (now UNISYS) in Tredyffrin, PA. I helped to develop the A12 and A15 mainframes. I received my B.E.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Johns Hopkins in 1983.

What follows is some information about classes I've taught and the research I do. If you dig a bit, you'll also find out a little bit about me.

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Working with colleagues at Penn State, we are designing and building architectures for accelerating physical modeling for 3-D graphical systems. We've named this project SPARTA. This work takes place at the MicroSystems Design Laboratory. Here at Goucher, we're working to integrate computer control and networking into a soda machine. This is the COLA project. Some project materials may be found here.

Hobbies, Family, and Friends

In my "other" life I'm active in the hiking community in Pennsylvania. I maintain two sections of the Mid State Trail and serve as the President of the Mid State Trail Association. I'm a regular member of Trail Care and Trail Crew expeditions for the Keystone Trails Association. The enjoyment and peace I've received from hiking in the Pennsylvania wilderness have ignited a passion within me to return, in some small measure, that which I've taken away.

These photos are getting a tad old, but here they are: Family photos. Friends photos.

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