Ideas for Projects

Ideas for Projects

Here are some rough notes that may be useful for deciding on a topic for the class project. You should treat the following as starting points for further discussion and development, not as canned project suggestions. In particular, the following are not intended to serve as replacements for discussing project ideas and plans (among project team members and with the instructor).

Note that some of these are too simple for a project and others may be too complex. Treat the following merely as a collection of ideas from which you can pick some you like, combining them to get a project that both interests you and is sufficiently challenging from a technical viewpoint. You are encouraged to stop by during office hours to discuss any of the following that may interest you.

As mentioned above, innovative projects are encouraged. While the number of truly innovative ideas in your project is not a primary factor in deciding the project grade, picking an innovative and unusual project has the significant advantage that you will be less likely to get bored with the project and will have more fun working on it.

The first three of these ideas give an idea of what I'm expecting in terms of project complexity.

These project ideas were taken from COMP 340: Databases, Fall 2019
Last updated February 21, 2023.
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