Homework V

Tom Kelliher, CS 240

25 points, due Mar. 28

Using structural VHDL, design, synthesize, and simulate the four-bit comparator from problem 4-11 in the textbook. Your solution should consist of two VHDL entities. The first entity should be the one-bit comparator you designed in Homework IV. This entity should use components from lcdf_vhdl.func_prims.all and use this entity statement as its starting point:

entity COMP1 is
   port(a, b, xi : in  std_logic;
        xo       : out std_logic);
end COMP1;
Synthesize and simulate this entity.

The second entity should be the four-bit comparator you designed by cascading four of the one-bit comparators. This comparator should use COMP1 as a component, instantiated four times. Use the following entity statement for this comparator:

entity COMP4 is
   port(a, b, : in  std_logic_vector(3 downto 0);
        x     : out std_logic);
end COMP4;
Synthesize and simulate this entity.

The COMP1 entity should be tested exhaustively. The COMP4 entity should be tested fully enough to convince someone other than yourself that it is functioning correctly. It should not be tested exhaustively. Include a paragraph or two of commentary explaining what test cases you selected for the COMP4 entity, why you selected them, and how they demonstrate the correct functioning of the COMP4 entity.

Turn-in your VHDL source files (module files and test bench files), your test waveforms from ISim, and your test cases commentary.

Thomas P. Kelliher 2012-03-21
Tom Kelliher