Wireshark Intro Lab Addendum

Tom Kelliher, CS 325

Feb. 11, 2011

  1. Run Wireshark.

  2. Open this packet file: /home/kelliher/packetTrace.

  3. When printing packet data, choose the ``Selected packet only'' radio button. The default is to print ``All packets,'' which is usually overkill and wastes paper.

  4. You're to hand in your answers to the four questions on the last page of the lab, as well as answers to these questions:
    1. An email message was sent during the packet recording session. What was the body of the email message?

    2. From question 1 on the main lab handout, do a bit of research on two of the protocols you listed that are unfamiliar to you. Write a couple sentences describing the protocols.

    3. An HTTP client made a GET request on the object /spancommunity. What was the server response?

Thomas P. Kelliher 2011-02-10
Tom Kelliher