Xilinx Test Programs

Tom Kelliher, CS 240

Apr. 9, 2010

This document will describe how to:

  1. Run the test programs.

  2. Assign pin constraints for problem 5-18.

  3. Assign pin constraints for the second part of problem 5-24.

Running the Test Programs

  1. Download the two test driver programs from the class Web site. They are named comp2.exe and handshake.exe. Source code is available for your inspection.

  2. Configure the FPGA with a bitstream. Then, open a command line window. Usually, you do this by selecting MSDOS prompt from the Programs menu. In the X Lab, from the Start menu open the Run box, type command, and press Enter.

  3. Using cd in the command line window, navigate to the folder containing the executable test program. Type its name and press Enter. It will begin to run.

Pin Constraints for Problem 5-18

Signal Location
clk_ext P50
X P42
Y P47
Z P40

Pin Constraints for Problem 5-24

Remember that reset is active low.

Signal Location
clk_ext P50
reset P48
R P42
A P47
E P40

Thomas P. Kelliher 2010-04-08
Tom Kelliher