Work and Wealth

Tom Kelliher, CS 200

Apr. 2, 2009



Remember, papers are due at presentation.


From Last Time

Computer Reliability.

Coming Up

Presentations: Melissa, Jonathan, and Russ.

Chapter Summary

  1. ``Debate'': Exercise 30.

  2. Recent news item: Rejection, by Harvard, etc., of B-school applicants accused of using hacker-provided instructions to check their (common) acceptances.

  3. Who would have thought high-tech jobs could be outsourced? Are detailed requirements specifications ala software engineering a contributing factor?

  4. The effects of automation. Increased productivity; increased stress.

  5. Information overload. Do you feel it, too?

  6. Worker monitoring. Higher levels of monitoring thanks to RFID technology.

  7. The Digital Divide.

Discussion Questions

Refer to the textbook.

Thomas P. Kelliher 2009-04-02
Tom Kelliher