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Feb. 24, 2004




Read Chapter 6. Bring in a relevant online article and be ready to discuss.

Dates for presentations: March 23 and 30; April 6 and 13. E-mail preferences to me.

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Ethics online.

Coming Up

Property rights in software.

Chapter Summary

  1. Changes wrought by technology:
    1. New scale of information gathering.

    2. New kinds of information available (transaction-generated information).

    3. New scale of information distribution and exchange.

    4. Magnified effect of erroneous information.

  2. Balance between users of information and privacy.

  3. Privacy seen as an individual, not social, good. Uses of information seen as a social good.

  4. Government-individual relationships regulated. Business-individual relationships not regulated.

  5. How can we make privacy a social good?


    1. Those who have done nothing wrong have nothing to fear.

    2. We have some ability to control our privacy.

  6. Greater privacy rights in the EU.

    What can we do as computer professionals?

Discussion Questions

Review articles.

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