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Tom Kelliher, CS 200

Feb. 17, 2004




Read Chapter 5.

Bring in one online article relating to Chapter 5 for discussion.

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Professional ethics.

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Chapter Summary

  1. Three key characteristics of the Internet:
    1. Global, many-to-many scope.

    2. Anonymity. Various notions:
      1. Can information about us be linked to other information?

      2. Can we see those with whom we interact?

      3. Can we create alternate personas?

      4. In many ways, users are less anonymous. How? What about the computer/user gap?

    3. Reproducibility.
      1. Copying is effortless and causes no ``damage.'' True?

      2. Logging.

      3. Enhances scope and anonymity.

      What is the ethical significance here?

  2. Hacking:
    1. It's illegal. Why talk about it?

    2. Before policy vacuums were filled: Sharing of knowledge, information should be ``free.''

    3. ``Defenses'' of hacking:
      1. Information should be free.

      2. Illustrates weaknesses of systems.

      3. No problem if a hacker does no harm, in fact, may learn something.

      4. Keep Big Brother at bay.

  3. Policy approaches. Educate:
    1. CS students.

    2. Players within the political and judicial systems.

Discussion Questions

  1. See beginning-of-chapter scenarios.

  2. MCP ``experimentation.''

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Tom Kelliher