Study Questions for Quiz 4

Tom Kelliher, CS 102

Mar. 21, 2003

Define the Following

  1. TWAIN.

  2. Pixel.

  3. JPEG.

  4. GIF.

  5. Transparency.

  6. Cropping.


  8. Image dimensions: width, height, depth.

Answer the Following

  1. When would you export an image in GIF format? In JPEG format?

  2. What is the relationship between image quality and image compression?

  3. What is the relationship between the number of colors in an image and its size?

  4. Does Paint Shop Pro allow us to change the number of colors in an image? Vary its compression ratio? Change the size of an image? Crop an image? Export GIF and/or JPEG images? Import images from a scanner?

  5. Why would we want to minimize the size of an image?

  6. From our discussion of evaluating web pages, what key items should Web pages you design contain to assure others of the usefulness of your Web pages? Do any of these represent security risks? If so, how would you reconcile the need to have the information on your Web pages vs. your security needs?

  7. List three design principles for producing effective, visually appealing Web pages. Briefly explain the importance behind your design principles.

  8. Describe a situation in which we would prefer to use FrontPage's HTML editor rather than its WYSIWYG editor.

  9. Briefly describe how to use FrontPage to insert a hyperlink into a Web page.

  10. Must must you do with your Web pages before others can view them?

Thomas P. Kelliher
Thu Mar 20 11:14:50 EST 2003
Tom Kelliher