Computer and Networking Lab

Tom Kelliher, CS 102

Feb. 3, 2002



Quiz on Friday. Question and answer period Wednesday. Sample quiz and solution.


Read 2.1--5. Online quiz.

From Last Time

Hardware show and tell.


  1. Introduction.

  2. Lab.

Coming Up

AUPs, passwords, viruses.


  1. Why buy more RAM when my PC is slow?

  2. What is a basic PC today? Why might I want more or less?
    1. 2.0 GHz Intel or AMD processor.

    2. 128--256 MB RAM (watch out for video sharing).

    3. 40 GB hard drive.

    4. CD-ROM, CD-RW, or DVD-ROM drive.

    5. 56K modem and/or network interface card.

    6. Audio card, speakers.

    7. 15'' or 17'' monitor (often not included).

    8. Basic $100 inkjet printer (often not included).

  3. Notebook PCs.

  4. Good brands. Good places to buy.

  5. Why might I want a MAC?


Thomas P. Kelliher
Mon Feb 3 09:39:01 EST 2003
Tom Kelliher