Midterm Review

Tom Kelliher, CS 318

Mar. 11, 2002




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Midterm Review

  1. Two sections:
    1. Short answer/definition: 4 @ 15 pts. each.

    2. Problem solving: 2 @ 20 pts. each.

      E/R design.

      Queries in relational algebra, SQL, and TRC.

  2. Basics of relational databases: relation, tuple, attribute, domain.

  3. Database schemas: physical, conceptual, view.

  4. Integrity constraints: domain, static, dynamic, semantic.

    Key constraints (candidate and primary keys). Foreign keys and referential integrity.

  5. SQL Correct syntax:
    1. Table creation. Keys, checks.

    2. Assertions.


    4. Select processing, including GROUP BY and HAVING.

  6. E/R design. Entities, relationships. Attributes and domains. Set-valued attributes. Keys. Schematic conventions. Participation constraint. Use of arrow with relationships.

    Conversion to relational model.

  7. Relational algebra. Correct syntax. Select, project, union, set difference, Cartesian product, joins, division.

  8. TRC. Existential and universal quantifiers. Equivalence with relational algebra and SQL. Correct syntax.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Mon Mar 11 09:52:17 EST 2002
Tom Kelliher