Integrating Technology and the Classroom

Tom Kelliher

Jun. 4, 1997


  1. The ubiquity of communications.

  2. Communication forms.

  3. The future.

  4. Students and Web pages.

  5. Conclusion.

The Ubiquity of Communications

Communication Forms


Bulletin Boards/Newsgroups

Flexible many-many communications.

USENET server, CGI programs; easier with GroupWise 5.

Password protection to restrict access.

Uses: Asynchronous on-line discussions.

Shared Network Drives

Share documents, work.

Uses: Distribute electronic assignments, turn-in assignments, facilitate group work.

Psychology of the Internet workdir: 60MB across 1,500 files.

Chat/Unix Talk

  1. Synchronous on-line discussions (many-many, 1-1)

  2. Interruptions.

  3. Uses: Fight fires.

Web Pages

  1. Your own personal printing press.

  2. Uses: course materials, pointers to other materials.

  3. Is it fundamentally different from filing course materials in the Library?

The Future

  1. Long fat pipes --- cheap, plentiful bandwidth.

  2. Still images.

  3. Audio.

  4. Video.

  5. Distance learning.

Students and Web Pages

  1. Responsibility.

  2. Ease:
    1. Netscape Gold.

    2. HTML converters in MS Word, PowerPoint, etc.

  3. Evaluation criteria:
    Team 1:  User Friendly Tutorial on Geek Speak
    Team 2:  User Friendly Tutorial on Small Group Effectiveness
    Team 3:  Tutorial on Creative Problems Solving with and about the Net
    Team 4:   Guidelines for Ethics of Advertising on the Net
         Utility : Addresses the needs of a novice to the area. (20%)
         Esthetics:  Looks good, appropriate applications of perceptual 
         psychology (10%)
         Organization:  Clear, coherent, logical structure.(10%)
         Accuracy:  Correct information, appropriate inclusion (30%)
         Intellectual Integrity:  Correct referencing to source of
         information, ideas, etc. (15%)
         Human Factors:  Addresses how people will interact with tutorial
         or guidelines.(15%)
         Creativity:  BONUS (10%)


Thomas P. Kelliher
Wed Jun 4 11:38:27 EDT 1997
Tom Kelliher