Netscape Navigator Gold Workshop I

Tom Kelliher

Jan. 22, 1997

  1. If OS/2 is running, shut it down. Do not power-cycle the PC to reboot.

  2. Start MS Windows and logon.

  3. On your N: drive create a scratch folder: scratch.

  4. Start Netscape. Open the URL http://www/wcicons/background.gif. Right-click the image, choose Save as, and save it in your scratch folder.

  5. Using the File menu, open a new web document and use Save as to save it in your scratch folder. Name the document index.htm.

  6. From the Properties menu, choose Document. Use the Appearance tab to set the background image to background.gif and use the General tab to set the document title to My First Page.

  7. Begin using the editing pane. Set the paragraph style to Heading 1 and click the Align Center toolbar button. Type your name and press enter to start a new paragraph. The style should revert to Normal and Align Left.

  8. Type a sentence. Highlight a word in the sentence and click the Make Link button. This will be a link to a file in the same folder. Make Link To second.htm.

  9. In a new paragraph, type a sentence.

  10. In another new paragraph, type a sentence. Highlight a word, and choose Make Link. This will be a link to an ``external'' page. Set Link To to

  11. Press Shift and Enter enough times to move down about a page and a half.

  12. In a new paragraph, insert a horizontal line.

  13. In a new paragraph, set the paragraph style to Address. Type today's date, press Shift and Enter, and type your e-mail address. Highlight your e-mail address and add a mailto link.

  14. Highlight the date and press the Insert Target button. Name the target something simple.

  15. Go back to the paragraph at the top of the page which doesn't have any links in it. We're going to insert a link to the target we just created on this page. Highlight a word and make a link. Click the target you just made.

  16. Save your work, go back to the browser, open the File menu, choose Open File in Browser and open the page you just created. How does it look? Does everything work? (The first link shouldn't work, because we haven't created the second page yet.)

  17. Open a new web page and save it in your scratch directory as second.htm.

  18. Give a titlebar title to the page and set the background to a solid color. White's a good choice.

  19. Use your browser to locate an image. Any image. Use the mouse to drag the image from the browser into the editor. Did you remember to consult the creator for copyright clearance? Do not pass Go; go straight to jail.

  20. Save the web page.

  21. Go back to the browser. Reload the page. Try the ``broken'' link. It should work this time.

More things to try:

  1. Take an MS Word document, create an HTML version of it, and view it using the browser.

  2. Start working on your ``real'' web page, either in your prototyping folder or on the T: drive.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Wed Jan 22 11:41:25 EST 1997
Tom Kelliher