Netscape Navigator Gold Workshop I

Tom Kelliher

Jan. 22, 1997


  1. Things to keep in mind.

  2. Other tools.

  3. Navigator Gold overview.

  4. Hands-on work.

Things to Keep in Mind

  1. Some on-line resources:
    1. Navigator Gold Authoring Guide.

    2. A few style guides.

    3. A few more guides. In particular, see The Bare Bones Guide to HTML in this collection for an introduction to ``raw'' HTML.

  2. A ``traditional'' resource:
    A. Simpson, Official Netscape Navigator Gold 3.0 Book. Windows edition. Netscape Press, 1996.

  3. Your main page is the document index.htm on your T: drive.

  4. Possibilities for your ``prototyping'' folder:
    1. T: drive:
      1. Visible to the world at all times.

      2. Document backups.

    2. A WWW folder on your N: drive:
      1. Moving files back and forth.

  5. The Gold editor is similar to MS Word, but is not MS Word.

  6. The Gold editor is not completely ``WYSIWYG.'' Some designs must be viewed in the browser.

  7. When using editor and browser, changes aren't automatically propagated from editor to browser. Save document in editor and Reload document in browser.

Other Tools

  1. Scanners and scanner software. Usable image formats: GIF, JPG.

  2. Paint Shop Pro. Shareware.

  3. Internet Assistant for MS Word.

Contact help desk for assistance.

Navigator Gold Overview

  1. Menus:
    1. File:
      1. New.

      2. Open File in Editor.

      3. Open File in Browser.

    2. Edit:
      1. Undo.

      2. Redo.

    3. Insert.

    4. Properties:
      1. Document.

      2. Formatting.

    5. Options and preferences.

  2. Toolbars and buttons.

Hands-On Work

Separate hand-out.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Wed Jan 22 11:38:54 EST 1997
Tom Kelliher