System-Level Scenario Modeling

Tom Kelliher, CS 245

Sept. 24, 2010



Class diagrams and use case diagrams and descriptions due Wednesday.

Contestants for ACM programming contest?


Read Chs. 1-2 of Subversion book.

From Last Time

Mid-semester course evaluation and continued JUDE/Linux lab.


  1. System-level scenario modeling.

Coming Up

Linux and Eclipse/Subclipse lab.

System-Level Scenario Modeling

  1. Goal: To understand, at a high level, how the client/server system operates in order to provide the functionality described in the scenarios.

  2. Deployment diagram:


    (Note: I could have instantiated the client node a few times rather than use the association edge's multiplicity property.)

Thomas P. Kelliher 2010-09-24
Tom Kelliher