Object-Oriented Analysis II

Tom Kelliher, CS 245

Sept. 17, 2010



Scenarios due on 9/22.


Read pp. 1-29 of the JUDE Basic Operations Guide. No online essay.

From Last Time



  1. Discussion.

  2. Team exercises.

Coming Up

Unix, UML Lab 1.


  1. What ethical concerns may appear in a requirements specification for a credit reporting system? For a medical information system?

  2. What is gained by performing a structured walk-through?

  3. How do use cases influence the structure of a proposed system? How would a class definition be modified based on a use case?

  4. How are class diagrams used? What are the elements of a class diagram?

Team exercises

  1. Create a scenario for the following use cases in Galaxy Sleuth: initiate game, player move, and terminate game. Do any of the use cases require multiple scenarios? If so, create additional scenarios as well.

  2. Write the following use cases for Galaxy Sleuth: initiate game, player move, and terminate game. For each, identify the main flow of events and any exceptional flow of events. In addition, specify and preconditions and postconditions.

  3. Identify the primary and secondary classes from your Galaxy Sleuth requirements specification and briefly explain your rationale for selecting each one.

  4. Create a class diagram for Galaxy Sleuth that embodies the primary class inter-relationships. Are there opportunities for inheritance?

Thomas P. Kelliher 2010-09-17
Tom Kelliher