Object-Oriented Paradigm Overview

Tom Kelliher, CS 245

Sept. 10, 2010




No online essay.

Refined requirements spec. and primary class list due in nine days -- 9/17. Remember, deliverables will be ``delivered to'' your TRAC site.

From Last Time

Project discussion.


  1. Discussion.

Coming Up

Object-oriented design exercises (within project teams).


  1. What are the seven guidelines for creating an informal scenario?

  2. How are objects and relationships characterized? Give an example of an intangible object.

  3. Name and describe the three basic types of relationships that can exist between objects.

  4. How could a systems analyst use prototyping to elicit system requirements from a domain expert? From an end user?

  5. How could a programmer use prototyping to understand a new technology before employing it in an important project?

  6. Why is an iterative/incremental development approach associated with the object-oriented paradigm?

  7. What characteristics do well-structured modular systems share?

  8. How are software models used in the process of software development?

  9. Why is a unified software modeling notation important?

Thomas P. Kelliher 2010-09-09
Tom Kelliher