Tom Kelliher, CS 245

Sept. 1, 2010




Read SE Ch. 1. Online essay.


  1. Syllabus.

  2. Introduction: semester project.

  3. The backdrop: The Mythical Man-Month.

Coming Up

Discussion of Chapter 1 and exercises -- come prepared.

Introduction: Semester Project

  1. Galaxy Sleuth: Networked variation of Clue.

  2. Numerous deliverables through several project phases:
    1. Analysis: refined requirements specification; scenarios; primary class list; class diagrams; use case diagrams; structured walk through.

    2. Product Design: object diagrams; refined class diagrams; user interface mock-ups; state machines.

    3. Class Design: Collaboration diagrams; sequence diagrams; object diagrams; refined class diagrams; class skeletons; informal walk through.

    4. Implementation: implementation plan; source code.

    5. Testing: Test plan; test analysis report; system integration; system delivery and demo.

      Demo will occur during ``final.''

    Refer to pg. 59 for schedule.

  3. Technologies we'll be using:
    1. Linux.

    2. Trac.

    3. Eclipse.

    4. Subversion/Subclipse.

    5. JUDE.

  4. You: a start-up.

  5. Me: ``pointy-haired manager.''

  6. Team member responsibilities.

The Mythical Man-Month

Thomas P. Kelliher 2010-08-30
Tom Kelliher