Eclipse and Subclipse

Tom Kelliher, CS 245

Oct. 6, 2010




Read Chapter 4. Online essay.

From Last Time

Project discussion.


  1. Eclipse and Subclipse intro.

Coming Up

Product design.

Subversion Concepts

  1. The repository.

  2. Working copies.

  3. Copy/Modify/Merge -- the work cycle:
    1. Initial checkin (share).

    2. Checkout.

    3. Edit.

      Adding, deleting, copying, and moving files.

    4. Update.

      Conflicts and merging changes.

    5. Commit.

      The role of the comment.

      (Return to Edit step.)

  4. The fallacy of locks.

  5. Text files vs. binary files.

  6. Repository URIs:[sample,test,cairn] .

TortoiseSVN Demonstration

  1. Creating a repository structure.

  2. The initial checkin.

  3. Checking out a working copy.

  4. Adding files and directories.

  5. Running an update.

  6. Committing changes.

Eclipse/Subclipse Exercise

Working in twos or threes:

Create a project, named [Name]Exercise.

Create a class, Colors, in myPackage.

Copy and paste code from Practice into the newly-created class.

Share the project.

Checkout the project.

Make a change to the same line of the class file.

Try to update/commit.

Resolve the conflict.

Thomas P. Kelliher 2010-10-06
Tom Kelliher