Computer and Networking Lab

Tom Kelliher, CS 102

Sept. 8, 2006




No assignment.

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Hardware show and tell.


  1. Introduction.

  2. Lab.

  3. Quiz.

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  1. Why buy more RAM when my PC is slow?

  2. What is a basic PC today? Why might I want more or less? Example system: eMachines 356 $359.97, after $200 ``instant'' rebate.
    1. Windows XP Home SP 2. Includes MS Works 8.5, MS Money 2006, MS Digital Image Starter Edition 2006, CyberLink PowerDVD and Power2Go, eMachines BigFix. Also includes Windows Media Player, Acrobat Reader, etc.

      Still needed: antivirus, antispyware (two), firewall (if on broadband).

    2. Intel Celeron D 3.33 GHz with 533 MHz system bus and 512 KB L2 cache.

    3. 512 MB PC3200 DDR SRAM (watch out for video sharing). Expandable to 2GB.

    4. ATI RADEON XPRESS 200m and integrated X300 graphics with up to ``128 MB shared video memory.''

    5. 160 GB hard drive.

    6. Double layer recordable DVD drive.

    7. Available expansion slots: 1 PCI, 1 PCI-E x1, 1 PCI-E x16.

    8. 5 USB 2.0 ports, no FireWire ports.

    9. No diskette drive. One each, serial and parallel ports.

    10. V.92 modem and/or 10/100Base-T Ethernet networking interface.

    11. Integrated audio. Amplified speakers.

    12. 15'' or 17'' monitor (often not included).

    13. Basic $100 inkjet printer (often not included).

      This bundle includes a photo printer.

    14. One year warranty on parts and labor.

  3. Notebook PCs.

  4. Reliable brands: Apple, Sony, Dell, eMachines (also good brands).

  5. Where to buy? Go to to get prices. Buy online or visit, Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA, Staples, etc. to buy.

  6. Why might I want a MAC?


Thomas P. Kelliher 2006-09-05
Tom Kelliher