Finding Information on the Web

Tom Kelliher, CS 102

Oct. 6, 2006




Read 6.4-6.6. Online quiz. Questions on pg. 361: 8-12.

From Last Time

Wrapped-up online security.


  1. Introduction.

  2. Lab.

  3. Quiz.

Coming Up

Evaluating Internet information.


  1. Everyone knows about Yahoo and Google. What else is there?

  2. Use the proper tool for the job:
    1. Explorer questions: Subject tree or clearinghouse.
    2. Deep thought questions: Subject tree or specialized search engine.
    3. Joe Friday: Subject tree or general search engine.
    May have to ask more than one question and/or ``re-phrase'' your questions.

  3. Examples:
    1. Subject trees: Yahoo,,
    2. Clearinghouses: Internet Public Library (, Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (, Science, Mathematics, and Environmental Education (
    3. Specialized search engines: Froogle, MedHunt (,
    4. General search engines: Google, Ask, AllTheWeb.

  4. Meta search engines.


Refer to handout.

Thomas P. Kelliher 2006-10-04
Tom Kelliher