Lab: PowerPoint

CS 102

Sept. 13, 2006


The purpose of this lab is to familiarize you with PowerPoint. In many ways, PowerPoint is similar to Word. The differences lie in the notion that PowerPoint is a presentation medium for groups while Word is a document medium for individuals. Hence, PowerPoint contains tools for applying color schemes, animating bulleted lists, and animating transitions between slides. It contains a few views unique to presentations: Slide Show view and Slide Sorter view. In terms of differences, that's about it.


  1. On the class Web site, find the ``Intro'' PowerPoint presentation under the Class Materials heading (at the bottom of the main page) and open it. Use Slide Show view to read through the presentation.

  2. Create a new presentation in PowerPoint. The topic doesn't matter -- just make one up.
    1. Select a background color scheme which appeals to you.

    2. Create a title slide.

    3. Create a bulleted list slide. Apply a transition effect and an animation effect. Use sub-lists.

    4. Create a combined list and clip-art slide. Again, use transition and animation effects.

    5. Create a conclusion slide.

    6. Use the slide sorter to move your second slide (list and clip-art) in front of your first slide (list).

    7. View your presentation.

Thomas P. Kelliher 2006-09-12
Tom Kelliher