Artificial Intelligence

Tom Kelliher, CS 102

Dec. 4, 2006




No reading, no online quiz.

From Last Time



  1. Introduction.

  2. Video and discussion.

Coming Up

Continuation of artificial intelligence.


  1. Can computers ``take over'' -- control us? How many said so on the survey at the beginning of the semester?

    How many have changed their minds?

  2. Where, today, are computers already the ``experts'' -- better than humans?

  3. What did last class's lab show you about ``teaching'' computers? Would you think AI researchers have an easy time?

Video and Discussion

  1. (After Eliza) Is the Turing Test a practical test of intelligence?

  2. (After frames) Ask about the irony of expert systems vs. ``background knowledge.''

    What is ``background knowledge'' better known as?

  3. (After Cyc, but before Dreyfus) What is the threshold of intelligence? How would you define it?

  4. (Afterwards) Are you surprised at what AI researchers found to be hard (common sense) and easy (expert systems)?

Thomas P. Kelliher 2006-11-30
Tom Kelliher