Personal Web Site Project

CS 102

60 pts., due Dec. 6, 2006

For this project, you will create and publish a small Web site. The ``usual'' project is the development of a site about yourself. If you have other ideas for the focus of your Web site, make sure you check with me first.

I don't want to dampen your creativity, but I need to give some guidelines for evaluation purposes. Here they are:

  1. Your site should consist of at least four Web pages.

  2. Your project must be published to the Web server on

  3. Your Web site should meet the three C's:
    1. Quality content: Make it worthwhile for the viewer to visit the site.

    2. Reader convenience: Make it easy for the viewer to navigate the site and quick for Web pages at the site to download.

    3. Artistic Composition: Make the site visually appealing to keep the viewer's interest and please their eye. There should be a design uniformity between the individual pages of your site.

  4. Judiciously used images, including images you scanned yourself. These images should be of reasonable quality, yet download quickly.

    Make sure that you respect copyrights.

  5. Several links to other Web sites.

  6. Use of a table.

  7. Each page should as unobtrusively as possible contain date of last modification, name, and contact info.

    Hint with contact info: If you do not wish to place your e-mail address on your Web site, go to HotMail and create a ``throw-away'' e-mail address to use.

When you have completed your Web site, let me know via e-mail. This e-mail will constitute the turning in of your project. Include in this e-mail a list of what images on your Web site your scanned yourself. The late penalty used in previous projects will also apply to this project: 10% off per day late. No projects accepted after two days.

Thomas P. Kelliher 2006-10-25
Tom Kelliher