PowerPoint Assignment

CS 102

60 pts., due Sept. 20

Design a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation of 7 to 10 slides length. Your presentation should be based upon the idea of persuading someone to your point of view. For example, you could design a presentation aimed at persuading your parents that you must have the latest computer. Your presentation should include a few pieces of clip art, use several bulleted lists, use a few tasteful animations and transitions, and start off with a title slide including your name. Choose an appropriate background color theme. Your presentation will be graded using the following criteria:

  1. Persuasiveness and content of presentation.

  2. Appearance -- pleasing color scheme, tasteful use of clip art, animations and transitions which do not overpower the presentation itself.

  3. Spelling and grammar.

Your presentation should be e-mailed to kelliher AT DOMAIN goucher.edu as an attachment before the beginning of class on the 20th. Microsoft PowerPoint is the only format which I will be open to open and, thus, is the only format I can accept. A 10% penalty will be applied for each calendar day the assignment is late. After two calendar days I will no longer accept assignments.

Thomas P. Kelliher 2006-09-12
Tom Kelliher