Scanning Images in HS 149

CS 102

Oct. 29, 2003

This summarizes the steps for scanning an image. This sequence is the safest way to use the scanner (it seems to mis-behave least frequently when you follow these steps).

  1. If there is an HP Precision Scan icon on the desktop, double click it. Otherwise, find the HP Precision Scan entry in the Programs menu and start Precision Scan from there.

  2. Once the Precision Scan window opens make these settings adjustments, as necessary:
    1. Under Scan to, select Paint Shop Pro 6.

    2. Make sure Select Parts of Page or View Page First is selected.

    3. Make sure Scan in Color is selected.

  3. Click Scan.

  4. The image will be scanned and will be displayed in the viewer. The regions to be transferred to Paint Shop Pro will be shown. Adjust the regions as necessary.

  5. Click Accept.

  6. Paint Shop Pro will open and the image will transfer. Export the image as a GIF or JPEG image and close Paint Shop Pro.

  7. Click Cancel in the viewer.

  8. Close Precision Scan or return to step 3 to scan another image.

  9. Log out when you're finished.

Don't forget to take your images with you when you leave!

Thomas P. Kelliher
Wed Oct 29 08:38:44 EST 2003
Tom Kelliher