Tom Kelliher, CS 116

Oct. 9, 2002



Lab 5 write-up and code due Friday. Postlab due Monday.


Prepare for Lab 6.

From Last Time

Last Lab 5 in-class day.


  1. Introduction to events.

  2. Exercise.

Coming Up

Lab 6.

Introduction to Events

  1. Every mouse move, click, keystroke, button push, etc. generates an event.

  2. Any component can be the source of an event.

  3. Any class can be a listener for an event by using the appropriate interface. So a class that ``listens'' for button pushes would use the ActionListener interface.

  4. A class is registered with the source as the one which is listening for a particular type of event.


Thomas P. Kelliher
Tue Oct 8 22:21:09 EDT 2002
Tom Kelliher