Electronic Workbook; Brooks Wrap-Up

Tom Kelliher, CS 319

Sept. 15, 2000



Status reports: Weekly status reports will be due Tuesday, EOD, from each division for the previous week. Contents? Starting 9/19. File in StatusReports folder of EW.

Suggestion: division managers require weekly status reports from staff, due Mondays, EOD. File also.

Division, individual goals.


Chapter 4 of Sommerville.

From Last Time

Essay discussions.


  1. Electronic workbook.

  2. Brooks wrap-up.

Coming Up

Introduction to requirements engineering.

Electronic Workbook

  1. Considerations: Workbook, e-mail archive.

  2. Workbook possibilities: Network drive, public folders, other?

    All project documents go into the workbook. Organization.

  3. E-mail archive possibilities: public folder (CC: e-mail to limelite@goucher.edu), hack-in an e-mail interface to WWWboard SW, other?

    All project-related e-mail is to be archived. No attachments.

Brooks Wrap-Up

Comments on the presentations:

  1. Relevancy judgement.

  2. Presentation style.

  3. Reasonable assumptions: Everyone's read the essay, so don't regurgitate it back at us.

Sharp Tools

The Whole and the Parts

Hatching a Catastrophe

The Other Face

Thomas P. Kelliher
Fri Sep 15 08:55:41 EDT 2000
Tom Kelliher