Semester Project

Tom Kelliher, CS 319

Sept. 4, 2000



ACM Programming Contest: Nov. 11. Venues: JHU, U. Del., Drexel. Interest?

I'll assign Chapters in Brooks to students in alphabetical order. Each student is responsible for:

Ten minutes per essay. Multimedia use is optional. Everyone is still expected to read each essay.


Nothing new.

From Last Time

Introduction. Discussion of project possibilities.


  1. Semester Project

  2. Skills self-assessment.

Coming Up

Chapters 1--4 of Brooks. Project role assignments? Further discussion of project?

Semester Project


The class has decided to form one company, which will devise an interactive web page for the Admissions Department. The task of this web page will be to make tour and host assignments for prospective students much more efficient. We would like to follow this project all the way through to its implementation.


  1. Company name and logo? IPO date? Venture capital?

  2. Describe the project more fully. What is a ``host?'' What is meant by ``efficient?''

  3. What is the scope of this project? Would other Admissions Departments be able to use it? Other Departments? Can it be further generalized?

  4. What are the project deliverables?

  5. What platform will be used for development? For deployment?

  6. Who will maintain the product?

  7. From whom in Admissions must we seek approval?

  8. From whom in Admissions will we obtain user requirements?

  9. Whom in Admissions will evaluate the software product?

  10. How many roles will each person play?

Skills Self-Assessment

See handout.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Sun Sep 3 17:00:25 EDT 2000
Tom Kelliher