System Models

Tom Kelliher, CS 319

Nov. 13, 2000



Status of architecture document?


Read Chapter 13 --- Architectural Design.

From Last Time

Requirements analysis --- ``Human factors.''


  1. System models: dataflow models, semantic data models, object models.

Coming Up

Architectural design.

System Models

Dataflow Models

  1. Show how data flows through a sequence of processing steps.

  2. The model most accessible to non-technical staff?

  3. Elements of a dataflow diagram:

  4. Develop a dataflow diagram of an ATM transaction.

Semantic Data Models

  1. Show the logical relationship of data within a system.

  2. Entity: basically, a record.

  3. Relation: The relationship between different (types of) entities.

  4. Elements of an ER diagram:

  5. What data is necessary in processing an ATM transaction? Develop an ER diagram for that data.

Object Models

  1. Object class: an abstraction over a set of objects which identifies common attributes and operations or services.

  2. Often a foreign concept to end-users.

  3. Elements of a class hierarchy diagram:

  4. Develop class hierarchy and object aggregation diagrams for sub-systems within an ATM system.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Mon Nov 13 10:54:25 EST 2000
Tom Kelliher