Exam I Review

Tom Kelliher, CS 116

Oct. 11, 2000



Exam will cover only Chapters 1--4.

Two sections: definitions/concepts, details. Four questions in each section.


Read 5.1--3.

From Last Time

Quiz review.


Exam review.

Coming Up

More of Chapter 5.

Exam I Review

  1. Recurring concepts: levels of abstraction, binding, security, conceptual and formal models, ordering in space, reuse.

  2. Role of the compiler.

  3. Object-oriented programming: class, object, inheritance, override, methods, instance variables, libraries.

  4. A method's signature: return type, number and types of formal parameters.

    Formal vs. actual parameters.

    Methods are always applied to some object. How do we specify the object? Must we?

  5. Basic graphics programming methods (must be applied to a Graphics object:

  6. Variables:

  7. Widgets:

  8. Class design:

  9. Containers:

Thomas P. Kelliher
Wed Oct 11 10:22:37 EDT 2000
Tom Kelliher