Homework 1


5%, due Feb. 20

  1. Problems 8, 9, 12, and 18 from Chapter one of Tanenbaum.
  2. Using traceroute, determine the route from keystone to one machine in each of the .au (Australia), .jp (Japan), and .uk (United Kingdom) domains. Repeat the experiment later to determine if a different route is taken. Report the routes and the differences. Part of this problem is locating machines in the appropriate domains. Note that traceroute's complete path is /usr/sbin/traceroute.
  3. Using ping's -s switch, vary the size of packets sent to a California site from 8 bytes to 4096 bytes and graph packet size versus transit time. Is the graph linear all the way through the packet size range? If not, can you give a reason? Report the methodology used for determining the transit times (I'm looking for evidence that the times you report are fairly precise). Note that ping's complete path is /sbin/ping.
  4. Using ping's -c switch, send two echo request packets to abacus ( Then, do the same thing to (be careful not to send more than two requests to this IP address). Explain this result. (Hint: look at the output of the command ifconfig we0, run at keystone. ifconfig's complete path is /sbin/ifconfig.)

Thomas P. Kelliher
Mon Feb 12 10:58:08 EST 1996
Tom Kelliher