Demonstration of a Unix Installation

Tom Kelliher, CS43

Feb. 13, 1996

We'll go down into the Math/CS Lab and I'll walk us through installing BSD/OS 2.1 on one of the new Dells. I've encountered a few problems with my ``practice'' installation:

  1. The 3Com 3C509 ethernet card (ef driver) wasn't configuring properly. The autoconfig code in the kernel appeared to associate the card with IRQ 11 when the card was at IRQ 10. Fixed.
  2. After the installation was completed, the system wouldn't boot off the hard drive. This seems to be because the two drives (wd hard drive and CDROM drive) are using the second controller on the motherboard rather than the first. This also greatly confused the installation software. I am able to force the kernel to use the second controller, but it's an ugly kludge. Working on moving the cable to the other controller.

For background, you should read the following man pages, take notes, and jot down questions:

Thomas P. Kelliher
Mon Feb 12 11:23:13 EST 1996
Tom Kelliher