Final Review

Tom Kelliher, CS42

Dec. 9, 1996

Collect homework.

Final Review

Simpler problems, stricter grading.

Definitions: short, concise answers

Five problems drawn from these six areas:

  1. Processes/Threads:
    1. Differences between processes and threads? What is a thread? What is a process? Resources?

    2. What are process states?

    3. How do they communicate?

    4. Options in process creation?

  2. CPU scheduling:
    1. Types of schedulers?

    2. CPU scheduling mechanisms?

  3. Process/Thread synchronization:
    1. Mechanisms. Comparisons.

    2. Problems of synchronization.

  4. Deadlock:
    1. Definition, necessary conditions.

    2. Prevention, avoidance, recovery.

    3. Resource allocation graphs.

  5. Virtual memory:
    1. Hardware support: MMU architecture, page table fields.

    2. OS support: page fault sequence.

    3. Placement, replacement algorithms.

    4. Memory access penalty (bring calculator).

  6. File systems:
    1. Block allocation mechanisms, comparison.

    2. Directory implementation.

    3. Optimization.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Mon Dec 9 09:03:37 EST 1996
Tom Kelliher