Mechanics and Introduction

Tom Kelliher, CS 319

Sept. 2, 1998


  1. Syllabus.

  2. Discussion of students' course expectations.


  1. Read Chapter 1.

Notes on the Syllabus

  1. Objectives:
    1. Large programs are quantitatively different from ``toy'' programs.

    2. Large programming project management? Schedule, personnel, budget, documentation, maintenance, etc.?

    3. Class approach.

    4. Project approach.

  2. Internet resources.

  3. Late assignment policy: 10% off the first day late, another 10% the second day late. Assignments more than two days late not accepted.

  4. Missed exam policy: if you can't make it to an exam, make arrangements with me beforehand. Exceptions granted for emergencies.

  5. Class preparation. Attendance. Honor code.

Discussion of Students' Course Expectations

Comments on what I've set out?

Possibility of adding F. Brooks' The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering to the reading list?

Thomas P. Kelliher
Tue Sep 1 15:27:44 EDT 1998
Tom Kelliher