Final Review

Tom Kelliher, CS 315

Apr. 30, 1999



Evaluations on Monday.


From Last Time

2-, 3-D mesh of trees.


  1. Review.

  2. Sze-Ling's presentation.

Coming Up

Aaron's, Carlos' presentations.

Final Review

  1. Sorting on a linear array: word, bit models.

  2. Algorithm assessment: number of processors, sequential/parallel time, speedup, work, efficiency. Simulating a large machine on a smaller machine.

  3. Lower bound arguments: I/O bandwidth, diameter, bisection width.

  4. Carry lookahead addition, parallel prefix problems.

  5. Carry save addition, multiplication.

  6. Multiplication on a linear array.

  7. Richer networks: hypercubes, butterflies, meshes of trees.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Fri Apr 30 09:00:41 EDT 1999
Tom Kelliher