Word III

CS 297

Jan. 20, 1997

One of these exercises requires a pre-existing Word document. This document has been posted to wc.acad.cs14f from me under the subject of ``MS Word files for Jan. 20.''

If you have questions regarding how to do something, call me over. Nothing needs to be handed-in, nor do you need to print anything. Answer any questions asked in the exercise.

  1. On Your Own, Project 7, page 151. The file to use is CVRLTR2.DOC. In step 7, rather than printing everything, just use Print Preview to ensure that everything looks right.

  2. Brief Cases, Project 8, page 170.

    Please read this carefully before doing anything. After recording and running the memo macro, carefully delete it by opening the Tools menu, choosing Macro, highlighting your macro, and pressing Delete. Other students use the macros available from the macro list, so please be careful so as to not permanently change any of the document templates.

    When recording the fax macro, make it available to documents based on Faxcovr2.dot only. Again, when you are finished, carefully delete the macro.


  1. Why is the merge tool useful?

  2. What are the two documents needed for merging?

  3. What are merge field, record, and header row?

  4. What is a macro?

  5. What is a template?

  6. What are the two main actions associated with a macro?

  7. List two ways to stop the recording of a macro.

  8. How do you run a macro?

  9. What is a computer program?

  10. Can macros be assigned to specific templates?

Thomas P. Kelliher
Mon Jan 20 10:05:30 EST 1997
Tom Kelliher