Quiz 2 Solution

CS 297

60 pts., Jan. 17

Each question is worth 4 points.

  1. What is a typeface?

    A designed set of characters, all of the same general appearance. It includes specific fonts, such as italic and bold.

  2. How do you insert a forced page break into a document?

    Open the Insert menu, choose Break, choose Page Break.

  3. Describe how to replace all occurrences of a particular phrase in a document.

    Open the Edit menu, choose Replace, fill-in the appropriate boxes.

  4. What does WYSIWYG mean?

    ``What you see is what you get.''

  5. What is the difference between Normal View and Page Layout View?

    Normal view doesn't show you how your document will look on the page, page layout view does --- you can see margins, headers, and footers.

  6. Can a meaningful Table of Contents be created if there are no headings in a document? Why or why not?

    No, because word uses the headings in order to create the Table of Contents.

  7. What three menu choices do you make to change paragraph spacing?

    Format, Paragraph, Indents & Spacing.

  8. Name two common video resolutions.

    640x480, 800x600, 1024x768.

  9. What is a pixel?

    A picture element --- a ``dot'' on the monitor.

  10. In Web page design, for what are thumbnail images commonly used?

    They are used to speed the loading of Web pages (they are smaller, byte-wise, than a full-sized image). They give you an idea of what the full-sized image would look like, and are links to the full-sized image.

  11. In what year was the IBM PC initially announced?


  12. What challenge did Xerox Parc take up? What was their key finding?

    To make computers easier to use. People are image-oriented and like to manipulate objects. They determined this by observing children learning.

  13. Using Netscape Navigator Gold, what are the three ways of creating a home page?

    Blank page, template, and wizard.

  14. What menu contains the Undo command in the Netscape editor?

    The Edit menu.

  15. What does Bill Gates do with his body when he is deep in thought?

    He rocks his body.

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