Quiz 1 Solution

CS 297

60 pts., Jan. 10

Each question is worth 4 points.

  1. How does a computer's processor and software compare to a person (draw an analogy)?

    Processor is to software as brain is to mind. In a sense, within the PC, software is knowledge.

  2. Name the two most popular PC expansion buses. You would use one of these buses for adding a video card and the other for adding a modem.

    A video card needs a fast connection to the processor, so it would use the PCI bus. A modem can make due with a slower connection, so it could use the ISA bus.

  3. Concerning a computer's RAM and its disk, which is permanent storage and which is temporary storage?

    RAM is temporary, its contents being lost when the computer is turned off, while disk is permanent. Well, at least until you erase the data.

  4. What is a client? What is a server?

    A client is a computer which requests data. A server is a computer which answers the request and supplies the requested data.

  5. What are the two ways of getting an Internet connection from your home?

    One way is through a major service provider, such as AOL, Prodigy, or Compuserve. Another way is through an Internet service provider.

  6. What is Shaver's Creek?

    Penn State's environmental center. It's a nice place, you should visit it; I saw my first bald eagle there.

  7. Is there more than one Titusville in the country?

    Yes, but only one is famous for starting the oil boom.

  8. What is the couplet to Shakespeare's Sonnet XVIII?

    ``So long as men can breath or eyes can see,
    So long lives this and this gives life to thee.''

  9. How do you instruct the Netscape newsreader to check for more new messages?

    Open the File menu and choose Get more messages.

  10. What is the most important question to answer when considering buying a computer?

    What will I use it for? ``Will my check bounce'' came in a close second.

  11. About how much would you expect to spend for a technologically-current computer today?

    About $2,000.

  12. If you knew nothing about computers and didn't have any friends who could help you in selecting a computer, where would you go to purchase a computer?

    One of the computer ``boutiques,'' because they provide the most service and support. The superstores don't usually provide that high a level of support.

  13. Describe the Singapore ``experiment.''

    In an effort to move into the ``first world,'' the entire country is going digital. Blueprints, layout of roads and subways, everything will be in a massive database. Subway use will be tracked and even the locations of individuals can be determined.

  14. Describe the three parts of the URL:

    http is the service type being requested. The server is www.yoyodyne.com. /pub/files/foobar.html is the location of the information being requested.

  15. Why is the Electronic Frontier Foundation in the news?

    They are waging court battles regarding free speech and privacy on the Internet. Specifically, export restrictions on cryptography technology.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Sat Jan 11 19:49:41 EST 1997
Tom Kelliher