Image Maps

Tom Kelliher, CS297

Jan. 17, 1997


  1. Must leave early today; won't be here tomorrow (lab will be open).

  2. Evaluation on Friday.

  3. Start publishing your pages so that you're not stuck Thursday night/Friday morning.

  4. A few words on image maps.

  5. Hands-on exercise.

  6. Return quizzes.

Image Maps

  1. Idea: ``hot areas'' in image linked to URLs.

  2. Sadly, Map This! won't work in the lab.

  3. Creating image maps manually:
    1. Insert image in page.

    2. Take measurements for ``hot areas.''

    3. Use notepad to create image map in page.

    4. Link image to map using a target from image to map.

Example of HTML source:

<img usemap="#wcbannermap" src="WCBANNER.GIF" border=0>

<map name="wcbannermap">
<area shape=rect coords="202,110,278,150"
<area shape=circle coords="288,58,10"
<area shape=circle coords="302,84,10"
<area shape=circle coords="338,66,10"


  1. Using Paint Shop Pro for taking measurements: rectangles and circles.

  2. How does it look in the browser?

Thomas P. Kelliher
Mon Jan 27 10:44:14 EST 1997
Tom Kelliher