Word III

Tom Kelliher, CS297

Jan. 20, 1997

  1. Unix's case sensitivity and workarounds.

  2. MS Word's merge, macros, and templates.

  3. Readings:
    1. Modelling Digital Societies.

    2. Wonders: Evolving Technology.

    3. America Online Sued Again.

    4. Vice President Gore: Internet Dream becoming Reality.

    5. MMX Extends the Desktop.

Unix's Case Sensitivity and Workarounds

  1. From the N: drive side:
    1. Don't drag images into your Web pages. Instead, when you see an image you want, right-click on it, choose Save As, and save it into your Web pages folder using a name that's ALL UPPERCASE, like IMAGE1.GIF or IMAGE2.JPG.

    2. For each local image you use and each local link you use, right-click on them, choose Image Properties or Link Properties respectively, and ensure that Image File Name is a simple uppercase name (like IMAGE1.GIF), or that Link To is a simple uppercase name (like resume.htm).

    3. For non-local images (rare) and links, use a URL which ``works:''
      1. http://www.westminster.edu/

  2. From the server side:
    1. Still looking...

MS Word's Merge, Macros, and Templates


Thomas P. Kelliher
Mon Jan 20 10:56:57 EST 1997
Tom Kelliher