Publishing Your Web Pages, the Sequel

CS 29

Apr. 15, 1997

These instructions are for dealing with the letter case problems on the Web server. Again, there are two steps.

Before Publishing

  1. I assume you're using the Netscape Navigator Gold editor right now.

  2. Check all your links, images, sound files, etc. in all your Web pages to make sure that the file names are all lower case. If you see file://N/ or anything like that at the beginning of a file name, remove it.

  3. Anytime you add new links, images, sound files, etc. ensure that the file name is all lowercase by manually checking it.

  4. How do you check? Click the right mouse button and choose Link or Image Properties from the pop-up menu. Inspect the file name and fix it as necessary.

  5. Publish you Web page(s) in the usual manner.

After Publishing

You should follow these steps every time you publish a page or pages.

  1. Telnet to unix1.psych .

  2. Login in the usual manner.

  3. Change directories: cd wwwdocs .

  4. Run the case-changing program: chcase . Here's a sample run:
    [9] % ls
    Index.htm  PHOTO.GIF  photo.htm
    [10] % chcase
     Hello Welcome to ver 1.0 
     This program will change all your file names
     in the current working directory to all lower case
     You will see a series of filenames printed out to the screen
     The program will also output if it had errors while trying to
     rename your files.  You should have one error for each directory
     that is . or .. All other subdirectories will be changed
     To continue and change your files press y
     To exit without changing filenames press n
    File: photo.htm
    FileT photo.htm
    File: PHOTO.GIF
    FileT photo.gif
    File: Index.htm
    FileT index.htm
    File: ..
    FileT ..
    Could not rename file .. to .. 
    File: .
    FileT .
    Could not rename file . to . 
     Your file names have been changed
     If you had problems please contact John Busch at 7992
     or Tom Kelliher in the CS department
    [11] % ls
    index.htm  photo.gif  photo.htm
    [12] %
    Note two things:
    1. All files have been lower-cased. This is why all you links, images, sound files, etc. have to be lower-cased.

    2. You will get error messages for .. and . . These are normal. We will be discussing interface design a little later. What do you think of an interface that produces ``normal'' error messages like this? (Sorry, John.)

  5. Check your Web pages, using your URL to test them on the server.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Sun Apr 13 16:15:24 EDT 1997
Tom Kelliher