Final Review

Tom Kelliher, CS26

Dec. 5, 1996

Course Evaluation.

Interleaving question on last homework.

Questions on this homework?

Final Review

Simpler problems, stricter grading.

Five problems:

  1. Assembly language programming:
    1. MIPS R2000 program.

    2. Probably some sort of character processing problem.

    3. Distinguish lb, lw.

    4. Direct, indirect, indexed addressing.

    5. Instruction reference will be provided.

  2. Caches:
    1. Direct-mapped, fully-associative, set-associative.

    2. Tag, block, word/byte fields.

    3. Cache contents for hexadecimal reference string.

    4. Hit rate.

  3. CPU bus structure:
    1. Given a CPU structure, write control sequence for instructions.

    2. Possibly a new bus structure.

  4. Interrupts:
    1. Definitions.

    2. Vs. polling.

    3. Vs. DMA.

  5. Arithmetic:
    1. Representations: sign-magnitude, 1's-complement, 2's-complement.

    2. Equations for fast adders.

    3. Definitions of p, g.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Wed Dec 4 21:21:04 EST 1996
Tom Kelliher