Unix Lab 2

CS 23

Feb. 17, 1997

  1. Write (using pico or any other editor with which you are familiar), compile, and run a small C++ program. This program should interactively read positive integers, stopping when a 0 is entered. It should then print the largest integer read.

  2. Use script to record a script of compiling and running your program. E-mail the script to me.

  3. After you've gotten your program running, print it.

  4. Work the emacs tutorial. From the command line, run emacs and use the C-h t command to start the tutorial. (C-h t means hold the Ctrl key and type h, then release Ctrl and type t. Do you understand the difference between C-h t and C-h C-t?)

Thomas P. Kelliher
Sun Feb 16 13:46:39 EST 1997
Tom Kelliher