Unix Lab

Tom Kelliher, CS23

Feb. 16, 1996

  1. Finish the emacs tutorial.

  2. Read and reply (to me) to the email I sent you. There is a mailing list on keystone for the class; it is cs23. Email sent to that name will be forwarded to everyone in the class, including me.

  3. Create a directory in your home directory named lab. cd into this directory for the remaining work in this lab.

  4. Using emacs, write and debug a C++ program which reads positive integers, stops reading when a 0 is entered and outputs the maximum value read. In Unix, C++ programs traditionally have an extension of .cc.

  5. After your program is working, print a copy of it.

  6. Use script to record a script of compiling and running your program.

  7. Use tar to combine your source and script files, then use gzip to compress the tar file. The tar file should be named yourstudentid.tar.

  8. Move the resulting file into the directory ~kelliher/pub/cs23/submit/.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Wed Feb 14 20:37:57 EST 1996
Tom Kelliher