Unix: File System and Utilities

Tom Kelliher, CS23

Feb. 12, 1996

To correct the telnet ``deficiencies'' in the Math/CS Lab:

The Filesystem and Files

Part of the filesystem hierarchy on keystone:

  1. Navigating: cd
  2. Where am I: pwd
  3. Extending the filesystem: mkdir (permissions)
  4. Contracting the filesystem: rmdir (empty)
  5. Looking around: ls (options: -a, -l, etc.)
  6. Quick and dirty viewing and creating: cat
  7. Nicer file viewing: more or less ( PAGER)
  8. Rearranging: cp and mv
  9. Cleaning up: rm (safety net)
  10. Printing:
  11. Finding programs: which, whereis
  12. Categorizing file: file
  13. Comparing files: diff, cmp

Filesystem Permissions

Owner, group

Permission categories:


  1. Default permissions: umask
  2. Changing permissions: chmod


  1. Globbing files: tar
  2. Compressing and uncompressing files: gzip, gunzip, gzcat
  3. User information: finger elvis Send mail to kelliher AT DOMAIN abacus
  4. What's running: ps, top
  5. Getting away with murder: kill ( ctrl-c for foreground)

Thomas P. Kelliher
Fri Feb 9 17:47:39 EST 1996
Tom Kelliher