Homework 4

CS 23

120 pts., due Apr. 30


Project 15, pg. 350 of Carrano.


Create a new, empty directory for your project. Copy the file ~kelliher/pub/cs23/Makefile to the directory. Here's a copy of the file:

# To use this Makefile:
# 1) Edit the SRCS line so that the names of all source files are on it.
#    Save this file.
# 2) Anytime you've changed the SRCS line or added/delete an #include line
#    in a source file run the following:
#       make depend
# 3) To compile your program run the following:
#       make
#    The executable program will be named according to the PROGNAME line.
# 4) To clean up (remove) extraneous files run the following:
#       make clean

# Include the names of all source files on the following SRCS line.  They
# all need to fit on one line.
# Example: SRCS = main.cc queue.cc sortedllist.cc


# The following PROGNAME specifies the name for the executable program.
# Please leave as "project".

PROGNAME = project

# You should not have to modify anything below this line.

OBJS = ${SRCS:.cc=.o}
C++FLAGS = -g

   ${C++C} -g -o $@ ${OBJS}

depend :
   makedepend -I/usr/include/g++ ${SRCS}

clean :
   /bin/rm -f *~ *.o ${PROGNAME} *.bak *.tar *.gz

# DO NOT DELETE THIS LINE -- makedepend depends on it.
Follow the instructions for using this file for compiling your program. Put your source and header files in this directory.

Submitting Your Work

I will test your program with my own data file. Thus, it is extremely important that you follow the instructions for input format to the letter. You will deposit your source files and Makefile, in one unit, into a directory that I am specifying. Here's the procedure:

  1. Run make clean

  2. Run tar -cvf id.tar * (Replace id with your student id number in this and the following commands)

  3. Run chmod 600 id.tar

  4. Run mv id.tar ~kelliher/pub/cs23/submit

If there is anything I should know before running and grading your work, write it up in a file named README, in your project directory. Permissions are set on the submit directory so that you can write files into the directory, but you cannot read file names from the directory (for security's sake). After class on 30 April, I will remove write permission. Therefore, you must submit your work before class on the 30th.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Tue Apr 1 17:34:06 EST 1997
Tom Kelliher