Unix, Introduction and Concepts

Tom Kelliher, CS23

Feb. 10, 1997


Common Trip-Ups

  1. The Delete key doesn't work.
  2. There are suspended jobs.
  3. The path component separator: /, not \.
  4. The arrow keys and other cursor positioning keys.
  5. Those ``funny'' keystroke sequences in emacs.
  6. Toggling between emacs and the shell.
  7. Forgetting your Unix text when you're working.

Anatomy of a Command

ls -aCF

ls -a -C -F ~kelliher/pub

ls -l ~

cat Class/Cs23/Hw/hw1.tex 

w | grep chapmapj

g++ -o homework1 homework1.cc library.cc

./homework1 > homework1.results

rm *

rm -i *

alias rm 'rm -i'

less .cshrc .login

Unix Concepts

  1. Your userid and group.
  2. Your home directory.
  3. The filesystem; navigation: ., ..
  4. Relative, absolute pathnames.
  5. Directory commands: cd, mkdir, rmdir, pwd, ls.
  6. Filenames; wildcards, abbreviations.
  7. File commands: rm, less, cp, mv.
  8. File permissions.
  9. The superuser.
  10. Processes.
  11. Environment and shell variables: PRINTER, PAGER, EDITOR.
  12. The shell.
  13. Getting help: man, your Unix book.
  14. .cshrc, .login, .twmrc, and .xinitrc.

Hands-On Lab

Thomas P. Kelliher
Sun Feb 9 15:28:51 EST 1997
Tom Kelliher