World Wide Web

CS 14A

Feb. 14, 1997

Work through these exercises. There is nothing that needs to be handed in.

Locations to explore

In each of the following, I give a hostname with a www server. You'll have to construct the URL to enter into Netscape Navigator by taking the hostname and prepending the access method for gopher service.

  1. Visit Lycos, find People Find, and try looking for some people. For instance, is my residence pinpointed on the map? What do you think of this?

  2. Visit Yahoo. Using Yahoo's subject categories, find the list of personal computer manufacturers. The list you find should start with Graeme Duncan Ltd and end with Zenith Data Systems. Answer the following questions:
    1. What is the description for Hewlett Packard?

    2. Is philanthropy a part of IBM's financial strategy?

    3. Is the Consumer Opinion information regarding Packard Bell positive or negative? How trustworthy is this information? (Discuss this with those around you.)

  3. Using Yahoo's subject categories, Find Penn State's distance education program.
    1. When was the American Center for the Study of Distance Education established? In what College is it housed?

    2. Does the Department of Distance Learning offer any accounting classes?

    3. What is Shaver's Creek?

  4. Go to WebCrawler. Design a search to find real estate in the Pittsburgh area. (Click on Search Tips for help.) Show me what you entered for your search. Do you see any properties that you like?

  5. Go to
    1. Is the full text of the Unabomber Manifesto there?

    2. Can you get a weather forecast?

    3. What's up with the threatened American Airlines strike?

  6. Access the PA State Senate's Member Directory at and click on ``Who is your Senator (Large PA map).'' Click on the senatorial district that contains all of Lycoming County.
    1. Who is the senator from this district?

    2. When is his birthday?

    3. In what major is his college degree?

Thomas P. Kelliher
Thu Feb 13 16:29:03 EST 1997
Tom Kelliher