Word IV

CS 14A

Mar. 7, 1997

Several of these exercises require pre-existing Word documents. These documents may be found on your R: drive, in nearly the same location in which the previous exercise's documents were found --- the final folder on the ``trail of folders'' is named word4. Don't forget to do a Save As after you've opened each document.

Questions for which you are responsible (these questions come from the Word Essentials readings):

  1. How is a table similar to a spreadsheet? What is a cell? How is it defined in terms of rows and columns?

  2. What is a section break? Why would you want to use one?

  3. List two ways of resizing the columns in a table.

  4. Is it possible to preview a piece of clip-art before inserting it into a document?

  5. Is it possible to resize an image in a document?

  6. Why is mail merge useful?

  7. Identify the following terms: data source, main document, merge fields, record, header row.

  8. What is a macro? A template?

  9. What are the two actions most associated with a macro?


  1. Before moving on the the next exercises, finish the exercises from Word III.

  2. Brief Cases, Project 6, page 131. Create your own file. The text of the newsletter should be in two columns, but the newsletter title should be in a single column (use a continuous section-break to split the title from the text). There's no need to print anything.

  3. On Your Own, Project 7, page 151. The file to use is CVRLTR2.DOC. There's no need to print anything, just use Print Preview to ensure that everything looks right.

  4. Brief Cases, Project 8, page 170.

    (If you don't get to this exercise, it's ok.) Please read this carefully before doing anything. After recording and running the memo macro, carefully delete it by opening the Tools menu, choosing Macro, highlighting your macro, and pressing Delete. Other students use the macros available from the macro list, so please be careful so as to not permanently change any of the document templates.

    When recording the fax macro, make it available to documents based on Faxcovr2.dot only. Again, when you are finished, carefully delete the macro.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Wed Mar 5 09:34:43 EST 1997
Tom Kelliher